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Nov 16, 2006 at 09:05 AM

Delta Process for FISL


Dear Experts,

I have no access to SAP . Could you please guide me, what is the Delta process for FISL in the ROOSOURCE table? Is it 'After' image?

If it is, how should staging be designed to handle this scenario:

FISL data is loaded from R/3 FISL and stored in a cube.

Periods 0 to 6 has been loaded thus far.

Data in R/3 FISL was found to be wrong or period 3 and corrected.

Thus, cube has now wrong data for all the periods involved : 3,4,5,6. periods 1 and 2 are ok as they are unaffected. The cube has keyfigures that are sales figures and each period sales is recorded using 1 keyfigure eg. TSL01- TSL06.

And TSL01 is carried forward to TSL02 thru to TSL06 by cumulative balance.

So, TSL03 to TSL06 data in cube are all wrong and needs to be reloaded.

What is the standard way to stage this scenario in productive environment?

Is it that I put an ODS in between? What setting for the ODS? overwrite mode?

How does ODS and delta process work together?

I only know to delete all the affected data in the cube and reload from source. But this way seems inefficient. How can an ODS in between help?

I would be very appreciative of your help.

best regards