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Former Member
Apr 11, 2017 at 02:46 PM

Why APO Detailed Scheduling Log contains 'New Order, Prod xxxxx, Loc yyyy: 1 activity'?


Hello Experts,

In order to check the logic of APO detailed scheduling, I turned on the scheduling log in DS planning board with command 'SLON1', so the system will display schedule log before showing the scheduling result.

I understand the schedule log is the output of function module /SAPAPO/OM_ACT_SCHEDULE (table parameter et_sched_log).

The schedule log is quite complex, but most entries can be understood. However, sometimes I see following logs:

"New order, Prod xxxxxxx, Loc yyyy: 1 activity Act

{New order, Prod xxxxxxx, Loc yyyy, Opr 0, Default}"

I don't quite understand why liveCache return such logs, as far as I understand, DS only change activity time or status, it won't create new orders (there is no new order generated even the system issues such log). But in what condition the system generate such log?