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Apr 11, 2017 at 02:47 PM

CSS to overwrite default Column Stacked Chart Bar, Pie-Chart color and legend colors


Hi Folks,

I have a scenario where i would need to overwrite the default color palette for below.

  • Pie-Chart
  • Pie-Chart legend
  • Column Stacked Chart

I found the below post very useful, but looks like i need to modify code as per Column Stacked and Pie-Chart

I'm using the below code

.my_chart_all_colors g.v-m-main g.v-m-plot g.v-axis1 .v-lines.v-morphable-line:nth-child(1) {Stroke: #5A0000;}

.my_chart_all_colors g.v-m-main g.v-m-plot g.v-axis1 .v-lines.v-morphable-line:nth-child(2) {Stroke: #008000;}

I came across DS-CSS classes directory link but that link is not live at the moment. Can anyone suggest active link for DS component css?

Highly appreciate your suggestions thanks