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Nov 16, 2006 at 03:49 AM

CKF using NODIM and Formula variable causing problem.


Hi BI Gurus,

I am looking at this Calculated KF "Proj EQC moved" used in a Marketing Analysis Query. The CKF =

NODIM(system proj redemption) – NODIM(withholding amount)* NODIM(Multiple purch req)*Market Element Constant 1 Variable / NODIM(Packages per EQC).

and the other CKF(say B) =

NODIM(Syst proj redemption) – NODIM(withholding amount) * NODIM(Multiple purch req) * Market element constant 1 variable

In these "Market Element Constant 1 Variable" is a formula variable. When used in a query these CKFs return 'X' but if the same expression put into a formula, and used they return values.

Can anybody explain what is causing the problem in this?