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Nov 15, 2006 at 04:12 PM

Tables and includes texts in smartform


Hi, I'm new at smartforms and I have some questions...

I'm modifying a standard smartform (LB_BIL_INVOICE).

I see that there are included texts. Can I know what is the content of this standard text without launch the report? Any TC? Can I create new texts like that?

Referring to tables...

In this smartform, I see that it uses TABLE (named TABLEITEM), and it has several things different from tables I create later:

- It has a layer called events that table I created doesn't have (it says calculations ¿?).

- The symbol of the tables are different: Table I create has standard simbol of table in SAP (ICON_TABLE_SETTINGS), but table at the smartforms (TABLEITEM) has new mode icon (ICON_SYSTEM_MODUS_CREATE)...

How can I create these tables? I searched everywhere and I don't found it! I only can create from the other...

What's difference between one and another?

Anyone can help me, please?

Sorry for my english.