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WD Print Version SALV_WD_EXPORT_PDF configuration error

Hi All,

I have to configure the WD Print version in solution manager.For this i followed the the SNOTE 1413938 - WD ABAP ALV - creating print version.

The Installation part of the SNOTE i felt is not clear to me on the pre-requisites,Does the SNOTE Suggest to install ADS + Bi JAVA or anyone of them(either it requires ADS or BI JAVA or both).

As per the SNOTE:



  • The print service must be installed on an AS Java. This AS Java has at least Release 7.00 Support Package 14.
    The AS Java does not have to have the same release level or the same Support Package level as the AS ABAP. For detailed information about the installation of the print service on your AS Java, see SAP Note 1888795.
  • If you have specified ADS as the service to generate the PDF document, ADS must be installed and configured completely. For more information, see SAP Note 894009. The release level must be at least 7.00 Support Package 14.
  • There are up to three components:

    A: AS ABAP on which your WD ABAP ALV application runs

    B: AS Java on which the service for printing was installed

    C: AS Java on which your ADS server runs

    The component (C) is required only if you use the ADS service to generate the PDF document. The ADS service is used if:
    • In SAP Customizing, you defined ADS as the service to generate the PDF.
    • Component B (Web Application Server Java with BI Java) has a release < 7.02. If this is the case, the SAP BI export library is not available, and the system automatically uses ADS to create the print version.
  • You must then achieve the following using SAP Customizing:

    The AS ABAP (A) calls the print service on the AS Java (B) using an RFC connection. The print service then creates the PDF document using the ADS on the AS Java (C) or using the BI Export Library (B). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I Went ahead and configured ADS and post ADS configuration i checked report FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE(both with & without destination) & FP_PDF_TEST_00 in SA38 and its working fine.

After that i went to SPRO ->SAP List Viewer (ALV) & created the RFC & JCO RFC Provider as mentioned in SPRO(both the connection test of RFC & JCO RFC Provider are working fine). Now if i click on "Print Version" i get the below error:

I checked the SNOTE 1882863 - WD ABAP ALV - Troubleshooting for print version

It says for the error

Print Version System Failure: Bean SALV_WD_EXPORT_PDF not found on host xxx.

  • The usage type that contains the print service is not installed or is not installed completely on your Application Server Java.
    Check the installation on your Application Server Java. For details, see SAP Note:
    1888795 - WD ABAP ALV - print version installatn print service AS Java
  • Your RFC destination SALV_WD_EXPORT_PDF that you defined in the Application Server ABAP in transaction SM59 does not point to the correct Application Server Java. In transaction SM59, check the RFC destination SALV_WD_EXPORT_PDF. Choose the following SAP menu path: "Extras -> System Information -> Target System" and check the "System ID" field.

Also i found in couple of other scn links on the same error points to BI JAVA enabling.

So i am back to the point one is this error due to BI JAVA not being enabled & do i need both ADS+BI JAVA for WD Print Version configuration or the error is due to some other reason.

I am trying to implement Print Version in Solution Manager 7.2:ABAP stack at 7.4 SP 15 & JAVA stack at 7.4 SP13.

Thanks & Regards,


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1 Answer

  • May 05, 2017 at 11:06 PM

    Hi Rajdeep,

    Wondering if you overcame this issue, and how?

    I was recently in the exact same case. Wanted to use my new solman 7.2 java instance to pdf print from abap webdynpro (called ALV print - had no clue ADS couldn't handle this). After a couple of OSS messages opened between the ALV OSS support team and the java upgrade OSS support team, here is the outcome: solman 7.2 java stack cannot be used for this - unless i missed something.

    Here are a few extracts from responses provided by OSS to my tickets:

    1 - "Please do not use Solution Manager systems ABAP or JAVA for other usage, it is solely for the use of Solution Manager application itself, we do not support installation of additional usage type in Solution Manager system."

    2 - "is not possible to update just PDF Export on a Solution Manager System

    3 - "You need to install the technical usage on a different Java system"

    4 - "if the customer does not have any other Java server which could be used, he only has the following options:
    •switch off the print version functionality: This would then hide the "Print Version" button in the ALV toolbar system wide and the end users will not get a functionality displayed which is not available.
    ◦transaction SPRO
    ◦navigate to the following folder: SP NetWeaver -> UI Technologies -> SAP List Viewer (ALV)
    ◦Execute Activity: Maintain Web Dynpro ABAP-Specific Settings
    ◦Deactivate Checkbox "Java Server Available"
    •The end users could export the data to Excel and make use of the Excel print functionality (which is ok if not too much data is to be printed)"

    Would be great if you could share where your are at regarding this topic, and eventually confirm that the java part of solman is a dead end in this regard. Sounds crazy, knowing that this guys is coming with a component named BI-WDALV ! These maybe these are for a ALV print from java systems only, and cannot be used for ALV print from abap webdynpro (?).
    On our end we are moving forward by adding the "BI java" usage type (recently called Product Instances) to an old ECC portal (old but above 7.00 Support Package 14) in our landscape.

    Thanks! Regards, jean

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