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Nov 15, 2006 at 01:32 PM

et_KEY_DOWN works in form-context mode only



We have to implement a function similar hot-key functionality using SDK-UI.

Nowadays we are using version 2004C and the problem is that et_Key_Down event fires only in form-context.

It means that there is no any key-press event if none form is active at the moment.

Even main-menu form (command center) isn't a 'form' in this case (we think the reason is in lack of any 'focus-receiving' control)

Is it possible to catch et_KEY_DOWN while command-center only is opened or no any form is opened?

Could anyone check the issue on 2005 (better, 2006 in case of SAP employee) version and/or suggest a solution (not using WinAPI) for it?

Kind regards,