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Apr 11, 2017 at 11:09 AM

How can I generate SPC chart defined inside SAP ME from SAP MII web page


I am in need of generating SPC charts which were defined inside SAP ME SPC Chart Maintenance using SAP MII web page scripting.

The SPC display activity in ME uses MII engine to display the SPC charts.

Is there any direct approach to get this done? If not then I think it can be done if anybody could tell me from where this table "SPC_CHART_TMP_DATA" inside SAP ME WIP database is populated.

This table is filled with SPC Chart data after we try to display a chart from SAP ME SPC Display activity.

The table consists of SPC Chart details which is read from SAP MII SPCChart.jsp page inside web--> visiprise-->SPC. I beleive that th SPC details are converted to MII specific data and transferred to this table. I need to find out the logic behind this operation.