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Nov 15, 2006 at 10:41 AM

(internal) Tables obsolete as parameter in function modules,



As you probably can see by the question, my ABAP Knowledge isn't exactly overwhelming šŸ˜Š !


I'm trying to create a function module in NW2004s, This functionmodule should take an internal table, based on a structure as (import) parameter.

In the earlier version, I've done this by defining it under the TAB 'Tables' in the function builder - But know its telling me that "<i>Tables Parameters are obsolete</i>", and that I should define it under "Changing" instead.

I have tried that, but I'm only allowed to pass a single line, and if I try to do a Loop, in the function module, it tells me that ity isn't created as an internal table.

So please - what is the "best practice" here ?


Morten Nielsen