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Former Member
Nov 15, 2006 at 09:52 AM

MYSAPSSO2-Wrong Username



I have a very strange situation with the MYSAPSSO2 cookie, we are using EP6 SP9 and have implemented a third party piece of s/w which uses the cookie for authentication. All is working great, apart from about a dozen users (out of 500). The problem I have with the dozen users is that the cookie displays the wrong username. All of the usernames causing the problem end in an o (for orange) e.g. JBLOGGSO or HSMITHO. The s/w is getting a username of JBLOGGSM or HSMITHM from the cookie. The O at the end of the username is being changed to an M. Thus the user is not authenticated.

If I logon to the Portal as JBLOGGSO and then use (javascript:document.cookie) to view the cookie. I then run the cookie through a simple Base64 decoder the username shows incorrectly as JBLOGGSM. If I do the same with another user not ending in o, the cookie displays the correct username.

So the problem lies with the MYSAPSSO2 cookie, but does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?