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Nov 15, 2006 at 12:38 AM

Submitting the forms back to GP engine after downloading from email



I have a process with 2 actions.

Action 1 creates an off-line interactive form from a template and sends to the processor by email.

Action 2 is a visual approval.

After Action 1, the recipient will download the form from email, add some more data to it and submits (HTTP Submit).

I want the form to be submitted back to the same process so that the processor of action 2 can see all the data available in pdf.

I selected "Start Process Upon Completion" and tried to invoke the same process but got a "General Error http://nwportal:52000/gpcore/iformprocessor/adapter.adobe" upon submission. I also tried by not choosing the above option of starting a process, but still got the same error.

Is it possible to submit back to a process which is already in progress?

Or do I have to split the process into 2 processes and invoke the second process?

If yes, what is the advantage of the option "Enable Use in Guided Procedures" --> "Create offline interactive form and send by e-mail" in the configuration tab of interactive form callable object.

I found the following thread which talks about similar issue but I couldnt figure out an answer to my issue.


Appreciate your help.