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Nov 14, 2006 at 08:22 PM

HOWTO: Build Compound Primary Keys


Unbelievable. No matter what I solution I come up with these two columns Code and Name just get in the way. There's is no way to program around them.

If I opt to take these two columns to fill them with my content then I can't run an INSERT query in a Child table. How can one build a Parent/Child relationship with these fields on the way if I can't repeat the value on these ? Ridiculous!

It's absurd! There's no way to overcome all logical shortcomings and the difficulties provoked.

I need to find a way to a build <b>compound primary key</b> but I can't go directly to the tables and do that on SQL Server according to SAP. I have not seen anything on this subject matter on the documentation!

If someone has come up with a solution to this please let me know !