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Nov 14, 2006 at 04:00 PM

0mat_plant_attr full load - PSA growing rapidly



As part of our nightly loads we are running a full load for mat plant attr. This is not our normal procedure, we are only doing it this way because our R3 and BW systems just went live for a new region and there are large volumes of change pointers being generated for mat plant. We are only doing a full load until the changes subside.

That being said, our PSA table for mat plant is growing quite rapidly (approx. 12 GB per day). We want to delete the older data from our PSA table and are wondering if there is any downfall to this. I know that once the PSA is deleted, we can no longer do a reconstruct for a particular request. But we plan on keeping the PSA for the more recent requests.

Does this sound like a bad idea to anyone? Will our current mat plant master data be impacted?