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Apr 11, 2017 at 03:37 AM

How to extract numeric value instead of text from GuiTableControl? - VB Script


I use visual basic scripting from Excel to automatize some tasks in SAP.

But many times I face this problem when dealing with GuiTableControls: The numbers and dates are formatted as text, not values. That causes me a lot of problems when different users have different settings (commas and points as decimal separator, for example).

Is there a function like getcellvalue in GuiCtrlGridView??

A work around would be to access the User Profile in System/User Profile/Own Data/Defaults to get the default format for the current user, and create a function to convert the text to a value depending on the default format.

I have been trying for quite some time, but I can't find or figure out how to do this. Can someone give me a hint?

Thank you!