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Nov 14, 2006 at 11:04 AM



Hi all,

I need relevant database tables for the following document types :

A Inquiry

B Quotation

C Order

D Item proposal

E Scheduling agreement

F Scheduling agreement with external service agent

G Contract

H Returns

I Order w/o charge

J Delivery

K Credit memo request

L Debit memo request

M Invoice

N Storno Rechnung

O Credit Not

P Debit Note

Q WMS transfer order

R Goods movement

S Storno Gutschrift

T Returns delivery for order

U Proformarechnung

V Purchase order

W Independent reqts plan

X Shipping unit

0 Master contract

1 Sales activities (CAS)

2 Proof of delivery

3 Invoice list

4 Credit memo list

5 Interne Verrechnung (Rechnung)

6 Intercompany credit memo

7 Delivery/shipping notification

8 Shipment

a Freight charges

g Rough Goods Receipt (only IS-Retail)

h Cancel goods issue

i Goods receipt

j JIT call

Eg: for type C - orders table is VBAK.