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Nov 14, 2006 at 10:45 AM

Scroll table but fix row or column on Web report.



On (2004s), BI Web report, I would like to fix header of row or column of the table and scroll the table.

For example, suppose only from 2006/1 to 2006/3 can be displayed on the web report and from 2006/4 to 2006/6 can be read by pushing "Next" button. (the maximum or rows and column can be set on the web template property)

! ! !

Product 2006/1 2006/2 2006/3 2006/4 2006/5 2006/6

A001 X X X X X X

A002 X X X X X X

But Customer dislike this button and want to use scroll bar like web blowser.

I have received the same request from not only one customer but many customers. (I feel more than half customers I met demand this to me.)

Does anyone know the good idea to realize it.

I have tried frame division solution but it is not good..

Kind regards,