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Infopackage fails first time in PC but runs fine when restarted

Apr 10, 2017 at 07:50 PM


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Hi all,

Our COPA Infopackage has been failing the last several days (no changes have been made recently). This infopackage is scheduled through a process chain that runs several times a day. The infopackage fails pretty much immediately after only 7s. The error message in BI only says that there's an error in the source system. However, I see no short dumps or failed jobs in ERP. The corresponding job in SAP actually finishes successfully. When restarting the infopackage step again in the Process Chain monitor the infopackage runs successfully. This isn't a source system issue connection issue, otherwise it would affect other datasources as well. I've tried replicating and reactivating the datasource but that didn't help. We are running SAP_BW 701 Support Package 7

Thank you for your help.


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3 Answers

John Hawk Apr 12, 2017 at 06:09 PM

Please provide screen shot of error as seen in both the process chain log and in the data load monitor.

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Hi John,

There are no meaningful details in either the process chain log or data load monitor. I've determined that the issue is on the ERP side due to missing entries in table ROOSGENDLM.

Here are the screenshots of the BI logs so you can see.


pic1.png (8.5 kB)
pic2.png (24.1 kB)
Anthony Loh Apr 12, 2017 at 07:16 PM

I did some more troubleshooting in RSA3 in ERP as I am also getting an error in this transaction - "Error occurred during the extraction". No other details.

I debugged and found that the issue is because table ROOSGENDLM is missing an entry to my COPA datasource. My understanding is that this table manages the delta flag for generic datasources so this makes sense why there is an error now. However, I've tried re-initializing my datasource several times and tried again replicating and activating it but I can't get the system to add an entry to that table.

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John Hawk Apr 12, 2017 at 10:08 PM

Hi Anthony,

If these SAP Notes don't provide a solution, it's time to open an SAP Incident

1136930 - 71SP06: Static COUNTER not reset

2143942 - BW fetched double data from ECC for COPA datasource

2130158 - SAPI - duplicate data for parallel extraction from several BW systems

Don't forget to record the final answer!

John Hawk

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