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Nov 13, 2006 at 11:01 PM

Support Message Actions


I have an Action that sends an email to the Message creator, which work fine.

I have another Action that has the exact same settings, except it sends it to the Support Team. This action does not work when the Message is created, but rather fires when I change the message for the first time. It seems that the Action does not recognize that the Support Team has been assigned, until I go into the message and change it.

The sorting order has the Action that determines the Support Team as 10, the sorting order for the Support Team email is 55.

On the Action tab of the SUpport Messages, the Determine Support Team action is at the top and passed. Then the Email Message Creator action in next and it passed too. No other actions are listed.

My settings for the actions are:

Processing when saving document

Selection Report and Immediate Processing

Schedule Automatically - checked

Partner-Dependent - checked

SLFN0002 (and SLFN0003) for the Support Team Action

Determination Using Conditions that Can Be Transported

Workflow Conditions

Max. 1 Action for Each Action Definition