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Apr 10, 2017 at 04:16 PM

Migration of WDJ Custom Project 7.0 to 7.5 Error Log After Sucessfull Migration and Deployment



We have Migrated the Custom Webdynpro Java Application from SAP Portal 7.0 to SAP Portal 7.5 [NWDS 7.5,JDK 1.8] and all the relevant DC dependencies are added and included the deployable unit which we need to reference External Jars and deployed sucessfully.

Error Log: [When I run from Webdynpro content Admin explorer]

An exception " Exception was thrown in preprocessing phase of application session 6cd2a7db1dfd11e7cf0b000023d7e9cb. The causing exception is nested. RID=6cd2747d1dfd11e7caf9000023d7e9cb" has occured during application processing. During exception handling, an additional exception "java.lang.SecurityException: User not authorized." was thrown. Both exception has been written to the logfile!

Error Log:[When i run from the Role]

ExceptionHandler.handleThrowable: Exception occured during processing of Web Dynpro application <ApplicationName>. For details, check entry C0000AB1442800C60000000001FE0016 in trace (Internal Server Error 500 trace destination).

When i check the Webdynpro application in Webdynpro Content Admin the external deployable unit is stopped and all the refrence Libraries are Greyed Out.

Could you please me suggest how to start these services and External deployable unit.

Note: When i check the status of External deploy unit in java Appliction its Started,but when comes to Webdynpro content Amin -Application:Is Using the Status is Red

@Note: No Build erros in NWDS 7.5.

Please let me know ,if anybody face this kind of Issues after Migration and Portal Upgrade and really need your help to proceed further,Is there any chance we can miss any WD Runtime service while Upgrading .




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