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Nov 13, 2006 at 05:10 PM

Create New Business Transaction - Type Impossible


Hi Gurus,

The question I am describing here might seem easy for you, but it's pain in the ass for us the whole project team for two days already! Greatly appreciated if you could help us out here.

In CRM, when you try to create a new sales order, you go to Sales -> Maintain Sales Transactions -> Create (or F5). Usually you are able to see a list of all transaction types that exist in the system. You can choose to remove one or more transaction types from the list by setting their attribute to 'Inactive' or 'Block from Online Maintenace'.

We did none of the above. But for some reason, one of our guys was working on the CRM Marketing side and he created a transactoin type 'Outbound Marketing Email' and then did some crazy stuff. What happens now is that if you go Sales -> Maintain Sales Transactions -> Create, you only see one transaction type, which is 'Outbound Marketing Email'. No other transation type is visible in the list.

Can someone tell us why?

Many thanks,