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Nov 13, 2006 at 03:52 PM

WS14000133 - Deadline Monitoring



I have been tasked with creating n-Level dynamic approval

workflows in SRM v5.0 so started off using the SAP supplied

workflow (WS14000133) and BADI (BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI).

I was then asked to provide deadline notifications to both the

Cart Requisitioner and the current Approver(s) if no Approval /

Rejection was given after three days.

Firstly, I do not believe that you can send notifications to more

than one recipient using the supplied "Latest End" tab can you


If so how ?

As such I decided to go down the modelled deadline route and

created bespoke versions of WS14000133 and WS14000134 and

amended Step 000109 in my version of WS14000134 to have a

modelled deadline.

In this modelled deadline I created a fork with two streams,

both with a "Send Mail" step underneath.

I made the recipient for the Requisitioner Email and

Organizational Object, with Expression of


I then made the recipient of the Approver Email an Organizational

Object, with Expressions of "&APPROVERLIST.APPROVAL_AGENT&"

This works OK when there is only one level of Approver as when

the deadline is reached the modelled deadline is triggered and

sends the Emails to the cart Requisitioner and the Approver.

However when I have more than one level of Approval generated I

get the 'Approval' Email being sent to ALL Approvers at the same


What I want to happend is as follows:

Create shopping cart with dynamically generated approval list.

If after three days no approval / rejection has been created send

a deadline Email to the shopping cart Requisitioner and the

Approver(s) at the current Approval level (ie Level one on the

first occasion).

If this is now approved / rejected within 24 hours start the

deadline timer again and if no approval / rejection is

forthcoming in another three days send out an Email to the next

level of Approval / approver and possibly to the Requisitioner

an so on an so forth until the cart is approved / rejected.

If however there is no approval after another 24 hours then send

the 'Approval' to teh next level of Approval (if it exists),

bypassing the current level.


Create cart which has two levels of Approval.

After three days send Dealine Emails.

After another day set the Approval to the next level of


Is this possible ?

Any ideas how ?