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connecting 3rd party cloud application with SAP API management

Hello Experts,

We have a requirement to connect 3rd party salesforce application to SAP API management and then to SAP PO. we completed creating API proxy, product, application and destinations. When we are testing messages. they are creating and going to PO, but when we are trying to send the message from 3rd party application with the target URL, no message is getting created.

Is it something i'm missing? can you please help with steps to connect 3rd party application systems with API management portal.

Thanks a lot.

Along with Above, let me describe the problem in detail, also some correction in application part as mentioned above.

So the flow is Salesforce Cloud-> APIM -> SAP PO. We created the API and Product. Protocol is SOAP.

When we are sending a "POST" request, through Postman it is working as expected. but when I'm trying the same from Test API. it is not working. I'm getting 502 bad gateway error and when without SSL i'm getting "Unable to fetch response"

Also when trying from sales force app getting same 502 bad gateway error.

So my questions here are

Is it possible to access API from salesforce or outside without having an application created?

is it possible to test SOAP API in API Test? the SAP help says it is for odata and REST apis.

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2 Answers

  • Apr 10, 2017 at 02:47 PM

    Hi Debtirtha,

    Apologies, I am trying to understand the question, can you verify if I understand your ask?

    You have an API Proxy URL connected to PO. When you manually send a request to this API proxy it goes through as expected.

    What you are struggling with, is that when you try to send the same API request from an external source, it is not working the same, is this correct?

    Can you share a little more information about what type of request is being sent, and via what channels? Are you seeing any errors or simply not seeing anything happen? I ask because I know with Salesforce, often there is a requirement of a Cloud<-> Cloud connection. APIM should simply require that you are able to make an HTTP request, regardless of the source.


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  • Apr 12, 2017 at 12:51 PM

    Im getting following error

    { "fault": { "faultstring": "Exception while decoding chunked stream", "detail": { "errorcode": "messaging.adaptors.http.ChunkException" } } }

    How to resolve this?

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    • Hi Debtirtha,

      I am having trouble responding to the other comment thread, so I will consolidate here.

      It sounds like you are attempting to use only the SAP Cloud Connector to tunnel out of SFDC into SAP Cloud Platform? I am not an SFDC expert, so please bear with me if I misunderstand the SF side, but my understanding is that this requires a different approach. The Cloud Connector is intended to be installed on your own machines OnPrem, while you would use SAP Cloud Platform, Integration in order to setup Cloud to Cloud integrations such as SFDC to SAP CP (and to be specific, SAP is not allowed to develop SF adapters, so a Partner Advantco has developed the specific Adapter for SFDC - ).

      In regards to your second question, Async API calls are possible, but typically requires some extra JS in order to setup. Are you expecting that the response might be delayed, or that there will never be any response after APIM sends a message?

      For your third question, can you clarify what situation this error message is arising from? It sounds like you are doing something differently than before where you had no response.