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Nov 13, 2006 at 10:42 AM

Some basic questions on File Adapter


Hello all,

I have some basic questions on XI and File Adapter and hope you can help me. Any answer is appreciated.

1. Can I use NFS transport protocol to poll a file from a machine in the network, which is not the XI? Or do I have to use FTP instead?

2. If I understand it correctly - when using the FTP-File Adapter, XI has the role of a ftp client. I have to run a ftp server on my distant machine. XI connects to FTP-Server and polls the file.

Can it also be configured the other way round? The scenario I think of would be: FTP client installed on distant machine, which connects to FTP-Server(XI) and loads up a file. So XI would act as FTP Server.

I know this works, if I install a ftp Server on the computer my XI runs on, and use the NFS-File Adapter to observe the folder. But I want to know, if I need a second, independant ftp server for this.

3. And last but not least: When do I need the active ftp mode instead of passive?

Thanx a lot for your answers!