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Nov 13, 2006 at 07:15 AM

Is it possible to use File adapter without polling?


Hello XI experts,

I am planning to construct XI as interface system of R/3.

Our R/3 receive about 1500 kinds of file from many external systems.

I can not know what time these files are arrived a day.

But once they are arrived,the adapter have to receive them immediately.

So I have to create 1500 sender file adapters and set their polling

interval short ,for example, 10 seconds.

Then I was worried about performance because all 1500 adapters execute polling process every 10 secondes. (Even if polling directorys are empty)

To avoid this, I don't want to use polling at receiveing files.

Does anyone know if I can executed file receivieng process from job or batch scripts without polling process.

Any infomaton is appreciated.