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Nov 13, 2006 at 07:02 AM

Open Orders


Hi Geeks!

Good Day!

What's the best or better easiest way to get all open orders (meaning not invoiced orders) from a certain customer. The problem I see, is the status of the document. Whether an order was invoiced or not (orders with goods movements are invoiced delivery related) you can not see in the status of the order. Only if the related delivery was invoiced, the delivery get's the invoiced indicator. That's why I think, we have to check through the document flow (VBFA) to check for all orders of the respective customers, what is the linked delivery. Then we can check the status of that delivery and we can find out, what deliveries (and by this what orders) have not been invoiced yet.

But in addition there can also be orders without delivery created, so we also have to check for orders without predecesing document. But they are only relevant, if the items in the order are not completly rejected.

To limit the list of orders (as the VBAK will get huge in time) I was thinking of checking only orders from VBAK which are created within the last 4 weeks.

But that still seems to be a lot of documents to be checked.

Do you have an idea of how we could easily get the information on orders, which are not invoiced yet (or more clear, where the follow up document is not invoiced yet)?

Thanks! Waiting for replies...