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Former Member
Nov 13, 2006 at 07:14 AM

Custom timeout per IAC?


Dear Sirs,

Is it possible to control the error pages on a per ITS service basis in SICF ?

- the ICM connection timeout (controlled by the proctimeout)

- 400 Session timeout controlled by the rdisp/plugin_auto_logout)

I am aware of the parameter; cm/HTTP/error_templ_path. (mentioned in e.g thread However this works as I can see globally for all services.

The reason I need this is because different ITS services are targeted on different end user, and thus also a need to have different types/level of messages.

There is a tab in SICF for each service called Error pages, where it is possible to create different error pages. “Logon errors”, “Appl errors”, “Logoff page”, “Not accessible”. According to the documentation this allows to create an error page in the error page for 401 and 500 errors, however the session timeout error is a 400 error. Will these help me?

Any solutions to my problem.

Best regards,

Jørgen Ruud