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Nov 10, 2006 at 01:52 PM

Problem in Dynamic UI Generation



I created 2 views

I fired an RFC on the click of a button on first view.

The output of RFC is the set of records generated depending on the input.

First screen is used as selection screen to select data which will act input for RFC


need to print the records in the second view . For this<b> i created

textviews dynamically depending on the no of rows retrieved</b>.

Now if the user clicks "Back" button from second view and selects different input values. I need to recreate the textviews again with new no of records retrieved.

Since more than 1 UI element cannot be created with the same id, again creating the UI elements is giving error.

I cannot use destroyAllChildren() method before recreating since there are lots of other UI elements and destroyAllChildren() will destroy all .

Please help.

Suitable Reward Points will be given if anyone solves the problem.


Sonal Mangla