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Nov 10, 2006 at 10:06 AM

Error message while using BAPI


Hi Friends,

I'm using BAPI_ADDRESSORG_SAVEREPLICA to create Address data for Vendor/Customer.

Reason of usning BAPI is : We can upload data through LSMW using standard program but the limitation is that in target strcucture of standard program length for some of the fields(NAME1,NAME2...etc) is 35 but in real SAP transaction it allows upto 40.So as per BAPI documentation we should use it to overcome this problem.

<b>Problem :</b> When i take NAME fields with 40 character length in my source file using BAPI_ADDRESSORG_SAVEREPLICA then it returns error in internal table (RETURN parameter) saying -

<b>"The use of the last 5 characters in field NAME1 is restricted (40 of 40)"</b>

And it takes length upto 35 character.

<b>Observation :</b> In BAPI we are passing internal tables (loaded with address data) , in tables parameter BAPIAD1VL is the structure and in this structure name of the field is NAME (NOT NAME1) and lengh 40 while in error message of BAPI it is NAME1 only.

NAME1 is the name of field in KNA1 and length 35.

Please help in loading 40 character against these fields.