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How do you update Quote Open Qty from related Sales Order?

SAP Business One 9.2 PL:05

I have a quotation with 100 of item A on it.

I would like to convert it to a sales order. So I click "Copy To" and then "Sales Order". I change the amount to 50 on the sales order instead of the full 100.

When I save the Sales Order, the open qty on the quote changes to 50, which is what I expect.

However, if I then change the qty on the Sales Order to 60 and update it, the quote does NOT change the open qty to 40. Even if I cancel the Sales Order the open qty on the Quotation remains at 50.

Is this expected behavior? I thought the open qty on the Quote should be getting updated if the Sales Order line is related to it. Why does it only happen when the Sales Order is first added?

If this is expected behavior, is there any way to update the Open Qty on the Quote using the SDK or another means without updating the original qty?

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    Apr 10, 2017 at 06:25 AM

    Hi Niklas,

    Current system behavior is that document data copied to or copied from, is copied and linked only once. Both source and target document get a "read only" link to each other, that only serves to allow the user to click the source and target buttons to get to the relevant documents. As you described, the quantity information in the source document is only updated at the moment the target document is created. Other than that the link between source and target document is static.

    System design is that you have two sorts of documents, "open" document like quotes and orders, that you can edit (partially), until you "lock" them (partially) with copy to / copy from, and documents that are locked at the moment they are successfully added, like deliveries, invoices, etc. So in your case you have noticed that the Quotation row got locked once you copied it to an order.

    If the customer changes his mind and orders 60 pcs instead of only 50, you can simply copy another 10 pcs to another sales order. Once you create the Delivery document you can combine both orders into a single delivery anyway, by starting a new Delivery document and using Copy from, which will allow you to select multiple orders.

    If you want to create a document that always stays open, you use the system's draft mechanism. A draft can be turned into a final document as many times as you like.



    P.S. having an active link between documents is not a bad idea. You may want to suggest it to SAP here.

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