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Nov 09, 2006 at 05:50 PM

XML Form Date Formating (from TimeStamp to Date in Property Reference)?


I am currently referring the default:modified property to display as Date label in my RenderListItem Form.

Since the default:modified is type of TimeStamp, so in my XML Form, is shown 11/8/06 6:27 PM (mm/dd/yy [h][m01] [PN]), all I want is to display 11/8/06 (m/dd/yy).

I don't want to change the default:modified to type of Date since it is the default property.

I tried to set the "Display As" field to "Short" , but that is really just for setting the Date format itself, and the Time still displayed as default.

I am thinking can I parse this TimeStamp format to Date fromat within the XML Form itself?

I know I may able to edit the XSL file (RenderListItem.xsl) to parse the value of default:modified by using format-date($d, "[M]-[D]-[Y]") function. But I may need to update the xsl file every time I commit my project to the portal.

Is that a simpler way to solve this problem?

Truly thanks for your advise.