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Nov 09, 2006 at 04:32 PM

module pool prg



i have to default the functional location address,if present other wise left as it is so sap default it to plant address,in PR deliver address once the purchase

order is created through IW31 or IW32 or IP10.

The exit i have to use EXIT_SAPLMMDA_001.

this will return address number.

i know the functional location address also.

But when iam assigning this to address number that this

exit should returning, it is not considering the functioanl address in PR only the plant address is considering.

When i have to use some kind of modify statements

to reflect each address number,street,zip code etc manually.

As iam new to module pool prg

please help me to resolve

just i have to send only address number what is the exit

will return or otherwise i can use modify st,update st etc

to obtain this

please resolve this

Thx & regards