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Crystal report processing error

Apr 10, 2017 at 03:24 AM


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Environment: Crystal report 2013 sp2 and Cr 2013 server sp2 installed in one windows server 2012 R2. 8 GB Ram

CMS & audit DB installed on another server running SQL:

Report runs fine when run through the designer.

When Run through BI launch pad it fails with the following error.The report processing server cannot process the report and .

In the CMS I have configured the DB logon and checked run the report with the DB logon..

both 64 and 32 odbc created. The 32 odbc created after installing Crystal reports am not sure whether the problem lies in this.

Haven't go a solution yet as posted the question earlier any help will be appreciated as I am running out of options.

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2 Answers

Dell Stinnett-Christy Apr 10, 2017 at 06:09 PM

8 GB of RAM may not be enough - it's the bare-bones minimum for running CRS 2013. You would be better with at least 16 GB.

Have you looked at the logs on the server to see whether you can find a more meaningful error?


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Dev Manning Apr 11, 2017 at 03:19 PM

From the CMS-logging file this is the error I get: CentralManagementServer| Database deadlock encountered. Ensure database is correctly tuned and that data statistics are up to date.- Before running the report .

When I tried to run the report and checked the CMS log file it threw this error:

CentralManagementServer| . (0 : CSessionMgr::ValidateApplicationCUID: Attempt to login when specifying an invalid application CUID session. The specified id is = AUcgkU0CbV1Co0ujVEw_gSA).

One of the Processingserver Trace log files had this error:M [Thr 7212] ***LOG Q0I=> NiPGetHostByName: '$SMDAgentHost' not found: getaddrinfo [ninti.c 895]

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