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How to solve fixed yearly price in billing plan with monthly billing?

I have a business requirement that I cant figure how to solve or if it even can be solved.

The client is selling subscriptions and SD contracts are used to manage this. Now they want to to move to a new pricing scheme were the price for the subscription contains a fixed part regardless of the number of users and a variable part that depends on the number of users.

Their requirement is that all prices are maintained in SAP as yearly prices and then depending on if the customer wants to be billed, yearly. monthly, or quarterly the yearly price should be evenly distrbuted in the billing plan.

Here is an example of how they want it to work in SAP.

First we have the price for the fixed part and then we have the price per user. In this example there are 5 users who will access the subscription.

This means the customer should pay this much per year.

Now lets say the customer wants to be billed monthly for his yearly subscription. Then each month, the customer should be billed as shown below.

The problem for me is that I cant figure how to solve it in SAP.

I know how to solve the price per user. This is set up with Calculation type = N, i.e. yearly price.

The fixed price, i.e. the price that shouldnt be affected by the number of users is set up as shown below.

I then create a contract where the pricing looks as is the example further up in this question.

With a billing plan of annual billing this looks ok.

However, if I switch to monthly billing it no longer looks ok.The 6000 from the 1200x5 users is distributed as expected but the 12000 that is supposed to be a yearly fee is repeated per month.

Is there a way to achieve the requirement of having the yearly fixed cost distrubuted per months and if so, how to achieve it. Any kind of input and/or alternative solutions is appreciated.

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