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Nov 09, 2006 at 12:22 PM

WIB - page with iframe including an other BPS-page possible?



developing a complex BPS Web Application with the Web Interface Builder I "hit the frontier" with generating errors (SAP note 527464). The solution by SAP is to reduce the count of items on the page... Because of the planned workflow it is not a solution to devide the frontend into different pages and navigating between them.

My idea is to put subcomponents on a second page and include it seamless into the first page. Therefore I tried an iframe in a text subcomponent. There are many guides to use iframes with e.g. web reports. No problem. But I like to use an other WIB-generated BPS-page in the iframe:



-> subcomponent1

-> tabstrips...

-> subcomponent2 text with iframe refering to page2

-> many other subcomonents


-> subcomponent1

-> some other subcomonents

This solution looks good and seamless (with the right CSS) and avoids the problem with too many subcomponents. But: After a switch to the tab with the iframe you can't leave the tab again nor the complete application with the exit function. Probably not what the user expects... ;o)

It seems to me, that the generated page2 within the generated page1 contains some logic or processes that leeds to a that behavior. In an iframe the generated pages doesn't behave like a web report and collids with/disturbs the click logic of the main page.

Question: How can I include a generated page seamless into an other generated page (of the same WIB application)?

Thank you.