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DMR at charateristics Annual inspection

Hi Gurus,

Please have a look and let me know whether solution is possible in standard SAP.

Existing set up:DMR is set at characteristics level in the plan.Two stages in DMR, Reset period = 0, Initial stage (sev 4) and skip stage (Number of skips = 999; max skip duration = 365days).

Requirement:The requirement is to test certain characteristics (A, B & C) only once a year for Material A, these characteristics should be skipped in all the subsequent lots in that year.

Let me try to explain my issue with an example.

  • First inspection lot created on 10.01.2015, inspection (Initial: all the characteristics tested) and results recorded on the same day. 50+ lots inspected and accepted in the year 2015 for Material A, characteristics A, B & C were skipped for all these lots.The last inspection lot of the year 2015 was on 13.11.2015 and it was accepted as well with A, B & C were skipped.
  • As per the max skip duration (365 days), the characteristics were skipped in all the 50+ inspection lots which were created until 30.10.2016.My understanding is that the initial stage will change only for lot created after 13.11.2016.

Since there were no inspection lots (no Goods receipts) for Material A after 30.10.2016,characteristics A, B & C were not tested in the year 2016.

This is the issue,how do I set up the DMR in such a way that these characteristics were tested atleast once a year for Material A.

Thank & Regards


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2 Answers

  • Apr 10, 2017 at 04:01 AM


    did you tried to put reset period of DMR (see the below screenshot)


    Dipeshkumar Bhavsar

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    • This field does not control an annual reset of the DMR.

      It controls how long it takes for a reset to occur if there is inactivity.

      The applicable reset date in the quality level is recalculate every time the quality level is modified. (i.e. after the UD or at lot creation depending on the settings of the rule). Thus the reset date is never reached.

      This is meant for the following instances:

      Vendor ABC routinely delivers 3-4 shipments every month. The DMR reset is set at 60 days. The quality level for vendor ABC progresses normally and every 10th shipment has full testing performed but the nine in between have all tests skipped except an IR identity test. The reset date is never reached.

      Vendor XYZ is a back up vendor only and only three shipments a year are ordered. The same inspection plan is used. The first shipment is fully inspected, all characteristics are required. Without a reset date, the next 9 shipments (3 yrs of shipments) would be reduced testing with only an IR test. With the 60 day reset date, once two months pass with no shipments, the reset date would be hit and the next shipment would be fully inspected. In this manner, in most cases, all the shipments from vendor ZYZ would probably get full testing.

      So this reset date is really to reset the DMR if there are no shipments for a given period of time. Not a periodic reset.

  • Apr 20, 2017 at 02:00 PM

    Have you searched on this? There are numerous questions and answers on this.

    Also, it appears you have this at the characteristics level. If you do this, you really should use just one of the characteristics to control the other 2, 3 or 4 characteristics. This is done by setting up one characteristic as the controlling characteristic and the other ones will track or follow the DMR for that one characteristic.

    This is on the sample tab for a characteristic in the inspection plan. In the field "DynMod. as for char." enter in the plan characteristic number of the characteristic to be followed.


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