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SOLMAN 7.2 Install error Role ORA_HOME_DBA not create yet

Apr 09, 2017 at 03:20 PM


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I am attempting a solution manager installation on Win X64 oracle 121 and am getting the above error. The installation is being run using the stack file paramenter. If I remove the call to the stack file I do not get the error. I would like to use the stack file as it will incorporate SP4 into the process. This is SWPM 1.0 patch 19 Windows server 2012

Thank You


Error text

An error occurred while processing option SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Support Release 1 > SAP Solution Manager 7.2 ABAP Support Release 1 > Oracle > SAP Systems > Application Server ABAP > Standard System > Standard System( Last error reported by the step: Assertion failed: in function (role, readAccountData) { if (readAccountData === undefined) { readAccountData = true; } NWUsers.trace("NWUsers.getAccountData(", role, ")"); this._initAccountData(); ASSERT(arguments.callee, this.haveAccountData(role), "role " + role + " is not created yet."); var ad = this._readAccountDataFromKeydb(role); if (readAccountData) { ad = this._readAccountData(ad); } var masterpwd = this.getMasterPassword(); if (ad.password == "" && this._useMasterPasswordForAccountData(ad) && ad.type == "USER" && masterpwd !== undefined && role != NWUsers.roles.J2EEGuest && !ad.locked) { ad.password = masterpwd; } NWUsers.trace("NWUsers.getAccountData(): ", dump_properties(ad)); return ad; } : role ORA_HOME_DBA is not created yet.). You can now: Choose Retry

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Troy Sorbet Apr 10, 2017 at 08:03 PM

For anyone else who might run across this issue, this was my solution. I went in and delete all references to sapinst from the c: drive. Of course this only works in cases where you don't care if you have the logs from previous attempts.

Good Luck


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