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Nov 09, 2006 at 08:25 AM



Hi all,

while creating a PO in ME21n,i am putting some text in header text field.after putting the text, i press check button.but that text is dissapearing.

one tick indication should come besides header text after i put check button.that tick is not comming & my text is dissapearing.i think ,it is the problem of customisation regarding PO header text assignment.

i tried for all options (blank,X,N)in Define copying rules for Header Text in customisation.but for every option, the text is dissapearing after i put check button.

but i can insert the text if i will go for 'HOLD' option.

i am going for hold button while creating the PO.then if i enter header text in that hold PO, it is taking.but this is not the procedure.

after creating the PO in ME21n(without header text),i can create the header text in ME22n also.

one more thing.for standard PO, header text is dissapearing when i put check button but if i will go for stock transport order (instead of standard PO in ME21n),then header text is saving after i put check button.

so what will be the problem with standard PO?

can u plz suggest any other idea to solve this?