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Nov 09, 2006 at 04:17 AM

full load after delta



We had to make changes to CO-PA data we deleted the entire 2 years data we had.after the fields are added to CO-PA,we had to reload the whole data. We loaded the data month wise(full load) from May 2005 to may 2005 .then june 2005,july 2005...till october that we performed 20 full loads.we performed this activity on 4th november.after 31st october we had 4 more days data left to be loaded. so we loaded(full load) data for november also viz from nov2006 to nov2006.

after that we performed a init load without any data(no data selection condition given) so that delta wud trigger after that.But from 5th november the delta in the process chain is failing.when i run the delta infopackage manually it executes successfully but it says 0 from 0 records though records exist in r/3. I suspect that since i have done a full load till the end of november (for the open month-for the days to come)am facing this problem.Please suggest how to over this problem.Hope to get some help at the earliest as this is a production server issue.