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Nov 08, 2006 at 09:01 PM

How to choose key field in ODS for extractor 0ec_pca_3 Line items


I need to build a ods for PCA (profit Centre Accounting)Line items. My Extractor and infosource is 0ec_pca_3. it picks up data from glpca table and in glpca table the primary key is record number and client, which doesnt appear in my data source.

> how do i choose the key fields for my line items ods ?

> i connected the infosource directly to cube for testing. it worked , but when i move to production i want to feed the cubes through ods to prevent problems later with deltas and others. what could be the possible other problems of direct update to cube ?

> i saw suggestion on forum to create a counter infoobject that you would feed with something like request_id+record number in request,

plz give me a procedure and code to do that if there is no other way

plz help me out .....

thanks in advance

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