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Nov 07, 2006 at 11:42 PM

BarcodeReader:- onRead event is not getting invoked


Hello experts,

I am facing problem while using Barcode and associated Event onRead.

I have gone through the example that SAP has given.

public void onActionScan( wdEvent, java.lang.String scanData )


    //@@begin onActionScan(ServerEvent)




public static void wdDoModifyView(IPrivateBarCodeTestView wdThis, IPrivateBarCodeTestView.IContextNode wdContext, view, boolean firstTime)


    //@@begin wdDoModifyView

      if (firstTime) {

         IWDBarCodeReader barCodeReader = (IWDBarCodeReader) view.getElement("BarCodeReader");


         barCodeReader.mappingOfOnRead().addSourceMapping("barCode", "scanData");




Trust me, I have been following each and every instruction mentioned in the example.

I have a symbol scanning so I have kept type=symbol in the BarcodeReader property.

But all this hardwork(๐Ÿ˜Š) did not prove fruitful to me.

I am unable to get desired output.

The event onRead is not getting fired even when I scan the data from handhelp device.

I am using NWDS SP-16.

I appreaciate any sugesstion/solution given to my query.