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Nov 07, 2006 at 07:13 PM

Tcode for see AUTHORITY-CHECK asignement for User ?


Hi everybody

1. Does somebody knows a TCode for see an Authorization Object directly, that is i know to see them using SU21, then selecting an Authorization Class and then i see the corresponding Auth.Objetcs. But, is there a Tcode for see the Auth.Objects without see first the Auth.Classes ?

2, Is there a Tcode for see the Auth.Objects and values assigned for a user , that is, a Tcode for evaluate if an AUTHORITY-CHECK is going to be passed by an specific user-object-activity ?

For example, i have the Auth.Object 'M_MATE_WRK' wich uses the Plant (WERKS) object. Is there a Tcode wich allow me to know if a user has asigned this Auth.Object for specified Plant (WERKS) Value, and wich activities does the user has permited ?