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Nov 07, 2006 at 05:17 PM

Passing Control Record Data in IDOC to R/3 3.1i system



We have PI 7.0.9 installed in-house and are currently attemptng to point to an R/3 3.1i system (we are in the process of upgrading to ECC5).

When I enable the check-box to "Apply Control Record Values from Payload" in the receiver comm. channel for the IDOC adapter, it ignores the directive.

If I look at the Payload in the XML Message in the call to the IDOC adapter, the fields are all filled - however the IDoc adapter simply builds its own values when sending to the back-end. The only difference to idocs for newer SAP systems is we use EDI_DC rather than EDI_DC40.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this problem and a solution?