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Nov 07, 2006 at 01:17 PM

integrating checkboxes in table.....



I have a table which is populated using a BAPI.

The fields are diaplayed as InputFileds(editable) so that the user can edit them.

Whenever a field of a row is edited, the user has to click a CheckBox next to it, to indicate that he/she has edited that particular row.

Each row of the table should have such a CheckBox.

The problem is how to integrate these CheckBoxes in the table.

Since I have used 'Apply Template' for the table, for adding the CheckBox column I used 'Insert Column' and then using TableCellEditor I have integrated the CheckBox.

In the Context I have created a node, and under that have created a context variable of type Boolean. This variable is then mapped to the 'checked' property of the CheckBox.

But the problem is that when one CheckBox is clicked , all get they are bound to a single context variable......

What do I do so that each CheckBox gets clicked individually??????...........

Also, I want to get the contents of the row selected depending upon the clicked CheckBoxes.

Thx in adv!