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Nov 07, 2006 at 06:37 AM

SAP MI Development Process


Hi All,

We are all very new to the <b>SAP Mobile Infrastructure</b> can you help me for while

I followed this process; this process is correct or wrong, if it is wrong please tell me the correct process; that is help full for us

Goal: I need to retrieve the values from the SAP database through the SAP MI

1. I created one table <b>ZMOBILETABLE</b> and inserted the values

2. I created one structure <b>ZMOBILESTRUCTURE</b>

3. I created the Functional Group <b>ZMOBILEGROUP</b>

4. I created the Functional Module <b>ZMOBILEFUNCTION</b>

5. I would like to try to create the <b>BAPI Wrapper</b>; while I am creating the BAPI Wrapper, I got a conflict with “<b>Repeating Parameter is not appear</b> ”

6. Once I will successfully create the <b>BAPI Wrapper</b>!

7. I need to enter the value in the <b>ME_WIZARD</b> like method name, function module and function Group name, then it will ask for the “Generating the java code”. Then it will show the Inbound and outbound container coding

8. Here we need to create the request or at the creation of the <b>MCD</b> we create the request can you please tell me

9. Then I need to create the <b>MCD,</b> at the creation of the MCD we need to specify the <b>Request, SyncBO </b> 10. for the creation of SyncBO we can use the <b>MEREP_SBUILDER</b>, at the creation of the <b>SyncBO</b>; we should select which option can you please tell me

11. once you successfully create the <b>MCD</b> that should reflect in the web console

12. There we will upload the <b>WAR or JAR files</b>

13. Assign it to a user and hence a mobile device.

14. sync from the mobile device

15. we will find the application downloaded to your device

16. Restart our device / client

17. then we will run the application