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Avoid #multivalue error webi 4.2

Apr 07, 2017 at 10:40 AM


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Hi guys

In one of the reports developed by my end users, they are having multivalue error in some of the rows where there are more than 1 value for an object:

Here is the sample data":

Yr1 = If( ([start date]<= (RelativeDate('31/03/2017';-365)) And [end date]>= (RelativeDate('31/03/2017';-365)));"Yes";"")Yr2 = If( ([start date]<='31/03/2017' And [end date]>='31/03/2017');"Yes"; "")

Yr1 Price =NoFilter(([price] Where ([Yr1] = "Yes") In ([Key1])) )

Note: there is a filter on report to only show values where Y2 is not null

Yr2 Price = [price] Where ([Yr2] = "Yes") In ([Key1])

[Key1] = [Contract]+[job no]+[skin code].[Contract Id]+[location]

Any ideas guys how to avoid this error?

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1 Answer

Apr 07, 2017 at 11:08 AM

try this.

Yr2 Price =Sum([price]) In ([skin code])

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I forgot to mention that this is just a sample, the data has multiple contracts,job no, skin codes and contract ids


instead of placing Key1 variable,place all objects under the IN


does not work... did not return anything...