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Apr 07, 2017 at 10:40 AM

Avoid #multivalue error webi 4.2


Hi guys

In one of the reports developed by my end users, they are having multivalue error in some of the rows where there are more than 1 value for an object:

Here is the sample data":

Yr1 = If( ([start date]<= (RelativeDate('31/03/2017';-365)) And [end date]>= (RelativeDate('31/03/2017';-365)));"Yes";"")Yr2 = If( ([start date]<='31/03/2017' And [end date]>='31/03/2017');"Yes"; "")

Yr1 Price =NoFilter(([price] Where ([Yr1] = "Yes") In ([Key1])) )

Note: there is a filter on report to only show values where Y2 is not null

Yr2 Price = [price] Where ([Yr2] = "Yes") In ([Key1])

[Key1] = [Contract]+[job no]+[skin code].[Contract Id]+[location]

Any ideas guys how to avoid this error?


yuju2.png (12.4 kB)