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Nov 06, 2006 at 07:09 PM

How to create a Layout variable in Macro


Hi Friends,

I have to run a macro in the planning book which will execute and perform disaggregation / aggregation at whatever level the users enter the data. For Example, if a user enters a data at Product level it has to disaggregate to the SKU level and execute the macro to calculate forecast figures. Always calculating at detailed level gives accurate results. Here am using Drill down and Drill up functionality .

My question is, should I use any IF condition to perform a check say IF at AGG_LEVEL ('SKU') =1 then perform Drilldown. And for DrillUp should I set a LAYOUT_VARIABLE

use this to determine if it needs to be drilled up.

Am not familiar using this condition check and Layout variable creation. Can anyone pls let me know how do create these steps probably with an example.

Thanks for your help in advance.