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Hi there,

i need some helb in calling the function module REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY. Calling the following code will end in an dump with runtime error 'MOVE_TO_LIT_NOTALLOWED_NODATA'.

The detailed error says ' Field "T_OUTTAB[]" was to assigned a new value but this field is at least partly protected against changes'.

Has someone an idea why the error is coming up?

Here ist my code.

Part of the public class definition

     !resulttab type ANY .

Method where the error occurs.

  METHOD alv_view.
    ASSIGN me->alv_tab->* TO <tab>.

        it_fieldcat                 = lt_fieldcat
        t_outtab                    = <tab>[]
        program_error               = 1
        OTHERS                      = 2. 
  method SET_ALV_content.
    GET REFERENCE OF resulttab INTO me->alv_tab.

I call my object like this

  CREATE OBJECT alv TYPE zcl_fi_alv_tool.
  alv->set_alv_content( resulttab = itab_error ).
  alv->alv_view( ).     

Her is the dump

Short Text
    Assignment error: Overwriting of a protected field.

What happened?
    Error in the ABAP application program.

    The current ABAP program "SAPLSLVC_FULLSCREEN" had to be terminated because it
     found a
    statement that could not be executed.

Error analysis
    An exception has occurred which is explained in more detail below. The
    exception is assigned to class 'CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_TYPE' and was not
     caught in procedure
    "PBO" "(FORM)", nor was it propagated by a RAISING clause.
    Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated this
    exception, the current program was terminated.
    The reason for the exception is:
    Field "T_OUTTAB[]" was to assigned a new value but this field is at least
    protected against changes.

Missing RAISING clause in interface
    Program                                 SAPLSLVC_FULLSCREEN
    Include                                 LSLVC_FULLSCREENF01
    Row                                     358
    Module Type                             (FORM)
    Module Name                             PBO

Trigger Location of Exception
    Program                                 SAPLSLVC_FULLSCREEN
    Include                                 LSLVC_FULLSCREENF01
    Row                                     632
    Module Type                             (FORM)
    Module Name                             PBO

Source Code Extract

Line  SourceCde

  602                    with key name = slis_ev_reprep_sel_modify.
  603         if sy-subrc eq 0.
  604           ls_reprep_id-cb_repid   = ls_reprep_id-s_rprp_id-onam.
  605           ls_reprep_id-cb_frm_mod = ls_event-form.
  606         endif.
  607 *<<< INSERT BRAUNMI RepRep
  608       else.
  609         ls_reprep_id = is_reprep_id_lvc.
  610       endif.
  611       call method gt_grid-grid->activate_reprep_interface
  612         exporting
  613           is_reprep = ls_reprep_id
  614         exceptions
  615           no_sender = 1.
  617 *>>> new API
  618       perform salv_set_selmode changing gt_grid-s_lvc_layout.
  619 *<<< new API
  621 *>>>Mendocino Extraction
  622 * TOP-OF-LIST and END-OF-LIST must processed at first because of
  623 * set screen 0. leave screen. in method set_table_for_first_display
  624       data: l_mode(1).
  625       import l_mode to l_mode from memory id 'ALV_EXTRACT_MODE'.
  626       if l_mode eq 'M'.
  627         perform raise_top_of_list.
  628         perform raise_end_of_list.
  629       endif.
  630 *<<<Mendocino Extraction
>>>>>       call method gt_grid-grid->set_table_for_first_display
  633         exporting
  634           i_consistency_check  = i_interface_check
  635           i_bypassing_buffer   = i_bypassing_buffer
  636           i_buffer_active      = i_buffer_active
  637           i_structure_name     = i_structure_name
  638           is_variant           = ls_variant
  639           i_save               = i_save
  640           i_default            = i_default
  641           is_layout            = gt_grid-s_lvc_layout
  642           is_print             = gt_grid-s_lvc_print
  643           it_special_groups    = gt_grid-t_lvc_spec
  644           it_hyperlink         = gt_grid-t_lvc_hyperlink
  645           it_toolbar_excluding = gt_grid-t_excluding_lvc
  646           it_except_qinfo      = gt_grid-t_lvc_qinfo
  647           ir_salv_adapter      = gt_grid-r_salv_fullscreen_adapter
  648           it_alv_graphics      = gt_grid-t_alv_graphics
  649         changing
  650           it_fieldcatalog      = gt_grid-t_lvc_fieldcat
  651           it_sort              = gt_grid-t_lvc_sort

Active Calls/Events

No.   Ty.          Program                             Include                             Line

    6 FORM         SAPLSLVC_FULLSCREEN                 LSLVC_FULLSCREENF01                   632
    5 MODULE (PBO) SAPLSLVC_FULLSCREEN                 LSLVC_FULLSCREENO01                    12
    4 FUNCTION     SAPLSLVC_FULLSCREEN                 LSLVC_FULLSCREENU01                   187
    3 METHOD       ZCL_FI_ALV_TOOL===============CP    ZCL_FI_ALV_TOOL===============CM001     6
    2 FORM         ZFI_TEST                   ZFI_TEST                     709
    1 EVENT        ZFI_TEST                   ZFI_TEST                     216
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2 Answers

  • Best Answer
    Apr 07, 2017 at 11:47 AM

    Probably the reason is that the internal table is passed via an importing parameter in custom method instead of a changing one.

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  • Apr 07, 2017 at 11:21 AM

    The immediate cause is that me->alv_tab is protected against changes. How have you defined it? How does its values get set?

    (And why are you using the function module instead of the cl_salv_table? )

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