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Nov 06, 2006 at 04:18 PM

page not dispalyed is linked to system time?


I have an instalaltion of XI3 running on windows 2003 server with SP18.

After the recent day light savings adjustments, we found that the date is getting changed one day ahead. i.e. in stead of showing today as 6th November, it is showing 7th November. So we corrected the date and restarted the system after some otehr software updates to windows.

Now I am able to log into SAP. But when I clikc on SXMB_IFR, I get a page not displayed error in stead of the tools..

Putting back the date to 7th November,I am able to get the tools - IB, IR etc.

My q is how to make it work with current date?

Please advise.