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Nov 04, 2006 at 02:18 PM



HI all,

I am executing RFC to SOAP scenario in which BAPI is returning me a table containing PREQNO as one of the fields of table.

I want to retrieve all PREQNO's in that table.

I have created my own webservice in java where i am trying to retrieve array of PREQNO's from RFC.

While creating Message Mapping in this case,If I map PREQNO from BAPI to my STRING array of webservice, i am able to retrieve only one record and

If I map table of BAPI to my STRING array, I get all rows but no data(PREQNO's).

PREQNO has occurrence as 1..1 & the table has occurence of 0..unbound.

I know the problem is with mapping table with correct datatype but i am confused how can i create such data type in java for my webservice.

If I do the same thing for RFC to FILE scenario, I am able to get data(all PREQNO's) after creating my own datatype in XI.