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Former Member
Nov 03, 2006 at 03:41 PM

cl_gui_alv_grid Issues


Hi guys,

I´m working with an cl_gui_alv_grid and I having the following problems...

1.- When I have more than one row in the ALV and I select the value of a column in the second row (for example) via match code, the alv puts the result in the field of the first row...

2.- How can I indicate to a matchcode of a field in and ALV, that the values it will show for a certain field must be filtered with another values that are already in the ALV.

For Example, if you have and ALV with the following fields MATNR, WERKS and VERID. I want to filter the result of the match code of the VERID field by the values of the fields MATNR and WERKS automatically, instead of the way it works rigth now that displays all the info and you have to set the filters manually...

3.- How can I set the cursor of the ALV, because each time I set a value on a field the cursor goes to the first fiels of the first row...